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CLIFF HOUSE/Anasazi Replicas


MinceMeat Mercer, right, and I, sitting in the cave high up on the cliff of my canyon in Castle Valley. The cliff house I built is behind the rocks on the opposite wall and down towards the bottom of the cliff.


The one room cliff house I built on a ledge about 75 feet above the floor of the valley. I tried to make it as authentic as possible, cement being the only difference in this and the cliff dwellings of the Anasazi.


"Cliffdwelling" Acrylic on canvas 1990. Painted at the site. Collection of Tom Bauman, photo of painting courtesy of Tom Bauman.


The upper storey of this picture is painted as a visualization of a future addition.



I built this bootleg ruin at an undisclosed location outside of Moab. To please the wanderer and confuse the archeologist.



These are views of the interior of the Anasazi style rooms I built behind my house in Moab. To sit in these rooms is to be in another time and far away from the ugly wooden shack on the other side of the stone walls. I can walk out of the kitchen door and around this stone round wall and into this room. A 20 foot walk back 1200 years.

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